Fulfilling The Call – we did it!!!

12/31/17 UPDATE: The mortgage debt has been retired! Thank you for your generous giving.


We are part of a hundred year legacy making disciples for Jesus Christ by facilitating spiritual and social transformation in our congregation and the Central neighborhood. This capital campaign is about continuing this work by serving others through the vibrant ministry of the church.

Fulfilling the Call Letter: Click to read more.
Thanks to your giving, the current mortgage balance is down to $105,000!

As we bring our three-year capital campaign to a close on June, 2017 please consider helping us close the gap. You can continue to contribute to the capital campaign by extending your current pledge or designating a gift above and beyond your regular church giving. Go to our Give page for information on how to set up or update your giving.

We are confident that the “mortgage burning” is in sight, an important step in being able to honor those who have gone before us at Park to provide such an amazing campus from which to do ministry.

Capital Campaign Goals
The ultimate goal of this campaign is to support and empower the ministry of Park Avenue Church. In order to do this, the church leadership feels called to pay off our debt so that we can free up approximately $3,700 a month in mortgage payments. This money can then be used to strengthen our church and community ministries.

The campaign has been broken up into three goals that build based on how much money is committed.

Goal One:
$650,000 to retire mortgage debt. Together we can free up the money we are spending on our mortgage for greater ministry.

Goal Two: $750,000 to retire the mortgage and make immediate improvements.
-Add electronic keys to provide safe building access to staff, volunteers and ministry partners.
-Add air conditioning to dining room to cool  off and expand summer programming.
-Add audiovisual capabilities to improve educational opportunities.
-Make environmental improvements to save on utilities and warm up the Children’s Village in winter.
-Replace worn carpet to ensure that everyone  can move around our building safely.

Goal Three:
-$850,000 to retire the mortgage, make immediate improvements and invest in future opportunities.
-Upgrade the kitchen to commercial code for safe and legal use by ministry and non-profit partners.
-Ready to answer the call to support and care for our neighborhood and community in new ways.


If you’d like more information about Fulfilling the Call or have any questions, please email CapitalCampaign@parkavechurch.org

Fulfilling the Call Co-Chairs

Peter and Joanna Hallstrom