Glory Be’s Kids Choir Starts Again!

The Glory Be’s choir started up this past Wednesday with a great evening of music and of course lots of laughter. Alexis had the kids engaged and excited to sing!

Practice will be on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30 in the newly arranged and choir room. with plenty of chairs!

Don’t worry if you missed the first practice. It was posted on The Glory Be’s facebook page, which Alexis can add you to if you are not already on it.

Enrollment is open to 1st through 5th graders and some 6th graders depending upon level of comfort. If you can, please contribute $20 per child for choir expenses.

Register Here:

Alexis’ policy about kindergarteners is on a case by case basis. Their parents must attend each rehearsal with them and then based on how they are doing Alexis will decide with the parent/guardian how to approach performances.