Fall Resolutions

Fall is a great time to make some new resolutions, but …. will it stick?

We all have been there and little by little things revert to the usual, so what works? And what to do for your choir ministry?

Here’s a list of suggestions:

  • Put a general goal on paper with a time frame, steps and some kind of way to measure progress.
  • The power of habits: create a routine with a plan.
    I personally schedule myself and review the plan every Sunday evening. I look at my calendar, schedule my new routine and plan the content. I try to get no less than 4 times a week, whatever that activity is.
  • Get accountable: find someone who shares your interest and have regular conversation with him/her. Allow them to check on you and ask about your progress
  • How about some new spiritual habits?
    .    20 minutes of prayer time every morning – add some fresh worship music playlist. Collect a weekly list of people/situations to bring forth so you can be ready.
    .    Forgive and let go:  it’s not easy but on the other side, it’s hard to hate someone forever when you pray for them… Is it that worth it to hang on? Isn’t there any redeeming quality in the person that has hurt you? Would you even be ready to reach out and let them know what you appreciate in them…. (I know, I’m pushing …. 🙂 )?
    .    Healthy boundaries:   spend some time reviewing your personal boundaries. Be practical, and go deep: ask yourself why – why the why – 5 times. Reflect on it, pray…..
    .    Talk to your friends, pastors, leaders, google…… They may have some fresh idea/resource for you
  • Singing preparations. Can you improve it? Do you memorize/ internalize your songs? Can you contextualize/expand on the message and make it personal? New warm ups? New techniques? How about studying a particular singer? Working on ad-libs? When was the last time you transcribed an intercession? How about transitions – can you write one that would shortly bridge those 2 songs from a worship set? How about your body language: are you comfortable presenting the message with all that is within you?