Park Avenue Church relies on boards and commissions led by lay leaders.

Service Opportunities

Administrative Board

Meets monthly

The Administrative Board (Ad Board) is the governing board of the church. The Ad Board envisions, plans, implements, and evaluates the ministry of the church. It consists of the chair members of the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC), Finance Committee, the Trustees, NOW, Nominations and Leadership Development, the Ad Board Chair and the Senior Pastor.

Chair: Jon Urban

Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)

Meets monthly

The SPRC has a human resource function, working closely with the pastors and staff concerning their relationship with the congregation and the entire work of the church. The SPRC confers with the district superintendent or the bishop concerning pastoral appointments and recommends the salary for the pastor to the Charge Conference. It consists of 5-9 members of the pastoral charge.

Chair:  Ken Krahn


Meets monthly

NOW stands for Nurture, Outreach and Witness. NOW is the council of programmatic ministries. NOW meets quarterly with the chairs of each programmatic ministry (e.g. Children and Youth Ministry, Adult Education, etc.) to plan and coordinate ministry throughout the year.  

Co-Chairs: Anand Divakaran and Bethany Motz.

Nomination and Leadership Development

Meets monthly

The Nominations and Leadership Development Committee is charged with identifying, developing, deploying, evaluating, and monitoring Christian spiritual leadership in the church. This committee helps provide a means to identify the spiritual gifts and abilities of the membership and works with the Ad Board to determine the diverse ministry tasks of the congregation and the skills needed for leadership.

Chair: Kathy Rainey


Meets monthly

The Finance Committee is in charge of church stewardship and financial resources. The Finance Committee plans, strategizes, and implements ways to generate resources for the mission and ministries of the churches and beyond; developing creative ways to engage the congregation into tithing with an attitude of generosity. The Finance Committee is responsible for developing the annual budget and administering the funds received according to instructions from the Ad Board.

Co-Chairs: Jerry Walker and Roz Brown


Meets monthly

The board of trustees has supervision, oversight, and care of all property and equipment owned by the church. This committee provides administrative and hands-on support to ensure that our spaces of worship, learning and gathering are safe, clean and well maintained. Trustees do everything from shoveling the snow and facilitating creation care strategies to budgeting for new staff computers and reviewing tenant leases agreements.

Chair: Bill Richards