SPRC – Staff-Parish Relations Committee

The Staff-Parish Relations Committee’s (SPRC) primary mission is to work with the senior pastor and the staff in order to make sure that the mission of Park Avenue Church is realized.  SPRC has many of the same functions that a human resources department or a personnel office may have in other organizations.

In addition to working with Pastor and the staff, members of SPRC are available to all members of the congregation as a resource.  SPRC welcomes you to share both your joys and concerns regarding staff with any one of its members so that we can all work together to work through struggles and celebrate successes.

CONTACT SPRC:  sprc@parkavechurch.org

Chair: Sherri Boone


Rachael Okerlund
Dave Paeper
Bill Cottman
William Flowers
Bob Marcroft
Otis Bennett
Linda Austad

Pastors: Rev. Will Healy and Rev. Alanna Tyler