Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers are a great way for members of our church family to meet new people in a friendly setting outside of the Park Avenue building. You can host a group, or be one of the guests.

When: Three Sundays-February  9, 16, and 23
The same group meets three Sundays in a row to get to know individuals and families you might not otherwise spend time with, and possibly build lasting friendships. The start and end times will be determined by each host and group.

How it works: Sunday Suppers are typically potluck meals. The host for the evening provides the space and a main dish, others in the group each bring a dish to share, and great conversation is had by all. Supper locations can rotate — different group members can host each week in their home or reserve space in a restaurant (group members pay for their own meals).

Pre-registitrationhas ended for Sunday Supper groups but we still may be able to add you in to a supper. Contact Anand Divakaran: or 616-914-7206.