Park Avenue Church is grateful for your financial partnership. Our facility and staff are here for you, your family and our community because of the generous support from our local congregation.

Breathe Love Giving Initiative 2021!

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4 Ways to Give

Electronic Giving:

There are two easy ways to give electronically. You can designate your giving amount and frequency here.
If you already use electronic giving but need to adjust your giving plan at any time, send an email request to Financial Secretary Arlette Hepp

Option 1: Set up an online giving account

Option 2: Print out and complete the authorization form and put it in the offering plate on Sunday morning or mail it in to the church office. Automatic Withdrawal Form

Text Your Donation:

To set up a secure text-to-give account follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Set up your text-to-give account by sending a text message to 888-318-8032. Include your donation amount in the text field. Enter donation as a whole dollar amount without a decimal. For example, if the gift amount is $20, enter as 20 (not $20 or 20.00 or $20.00).

Step 2: You will receive an auto-response with a web link. Click the link to set up your text-to-give account, including your credit or debit card number and your email address. Click ‘Process $__’. Once this is complete you will receive a confirmation message.

Next time you wish to text your donation to Park Avenue, simply send a text message to 888-318-8032 and include your donation amount in the text field. If your card is expired or you need to adjust, add the word EDIT instead of dollar amount and follow the prompts. Contact Financial Secretary Arlette Hepp if you need assistance.


If you would like to make your contribution in cash please put your money in a giving envelope and designate how you would like you gift divided between general operating and the capital campaign. If a cash is not designated it will go to general operating.


Have  questions about your giving options?  Contact Arlette Hepp, Park Ave Finance Department at


Please put your check in a giving envelope and designate how you would like your gift divided between the giving options. If a check is not designated it will be posted to general operating.