Children’s Ministry Volunteer Information

Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest in serving with our children at Park Avenue United Methodist Church.  We have a fabulous year of ministry ahead of us and we are glad that you are excited about our disciple making adventure.

Each applicant for children’s ministry will be carefully screened for the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental safety of our children as well as the servant ministry leaders.

Whether you are applying to serve for the first time or have been serving for several years, we are asking that each potential servant ministry leader complete an application.  You will not be allowed to start serving in any capacity with children at Park Avenue until the screening process is complete.  Return your application in a sealed envelope to the church office labeled:  Attn: Katie Matson-Daley



We are also asking that applicants apply for specific positions.  We have a variety of commitment levels, age levels and leadership levels available for you.

Sunday Morning:

Elementary Sunday School 8:45 – 9:55

1 or 2 lead teachers; 2-5 assistant teachers.

Early Childhood Care – 9:45 –11:45

Toddler Nursery:  4 or 5 lead teachers; 10 – 15 assistant teachers

Pre-School Room: 4 or 5 lead teachers 10 – 15 assistant teachers

Children’s Church 10:00 – 11:45                 

Pre-K and Kindergarten Room: 4 or 5 lead teachers  4 to 6 assistant teachers

First and Second Grade Room – 4 or 5 lead teachers 4-6 assistant teachers

Third and Fourth Grade Room – 4 or 5 lead teachers 4-6 assistant teachers

Fifth Grade Room – 4 or 5 lead teachers 4-6 assistant teachers

Glory Bees Wednesday Evening 6:15-8:00 (Kids Choir)

Director – 1 Person

Accompanist (piano) – 1 person

Choir mom or dad – 3-5 people

Middle School Youth Group – Truth and Dares Wednesday Evening 5:45-8:00

Girls small group – 2 lead teachers 2-4 assistant teachers

Boys small group – 2 lead teachers 2-4 assistant teachers.

Again, please read through and complete this application packet, including the background check authorization.  If you are selected to serve on the children’s ministry team you will be required to attend a training session.  The first three of these sessions are scheduled for:

August 25: 9AM – 12PM

September 1: 9AM – 12PM

September 5: 6-9 PM

These sessions are REQUIRED before serving with children at Park Avenue.  If you cannot make these sessions you will need to make arrangements with the Children’s Council or Katie Matson-Daley to receive training at an alternate time.  Email or call 612-825-6864 ext. 519

Thank you so much for your desire to serve in Children’s Ministry.

Grace and peace,

Katie Matson-Daley