Nominations & Leadership Development

The nominations and leadership development ministry mission is to:

  • Identify, encourage and support the servant leaders of Park Ave. Church
  • Provide opportunities for members of the Park Ave. community to offer up their gifts, their talents and their time to be used in God’s service, making a difference in the lives God entrusts into our care.
  • Foster an environment of learning to strengthen, grow, and support all those who minister at Park by providing developmental opportunities to grow as Christian leaders.

The Nominations & Leadership Development team assists the Pastor and staff to identify members of the church community, become aware of their gifts, their talents, their passions and to encourage and help “match” them with areas of ministry where they might serve God and deploy their giftedness.  We work with Team Leaders to fill vacancies on their teams by encouraging members of the Park Ave. community to prayerfully consider serving God in the diverse opportunities available at Park.  Once a year at the Church Charge Conference we present the slate of servant leaders for approval by the congregation.

Twice a year (February and October) we facilitate a leadership workshop to refresh and grow our servant leaders in their Christian walk at Park.  The topics we address range from identifying spiritual gifts to challenges facing the church.

We are a group of volunteers who accept a 3-year term of service.  The current members are Beth Motz (Chair), Ken Krahn, & Montara Cannon We meet monthly on the 1st Tuseday of the month. We are looking for others who have a passion to empower others to serve the church to join us.

Opportunities at Park are many and diverse.  We welcome you and your willingness to serve.  If you have gifts in any of the ministry areas and you’d like to serve, please contact Beth at