Team Haiti can use YOU!

PRAY for our Haitian brothers and sisters and the Park Avenue team:

  • That the Word of God would continue to bring joy to the Christ-following community that’s already there, and would bring salvation to those who haven’t yet heard
  • That more Haitian communities will have easy access to low cost medical and dental care and preventative community health education initiatives
  • A new prime minister was installed in March – please pray for him and the government in charge
  • That the work and initiatives of Healing Haiti and others will be sustainable and create better systems for basic life necessities, especially clean water
  • Prayers for the PAUMC Haiti Team
    • That God would unify the team and bless us as a group;
    • That we would each be open to the growth and transformation that God has in store for us now, during the trip, and afterwards
    • That we would all by physically well and safe while on the trip
    • That the donations we bring would bless those who receive
    • That the Lord would be in the midst of all of our relationships there – the Healing Haiti staff, the folks we meet in any of the places we  visit

The Park Avenue team is travelling to Haiti October 30 through November 6.  They will stay in Port au Prince and travel 15-45 minutes daily to connect at orphanages, elder care facilities, clinics/hospice, and fresh water delivery ministries in conjunction with a Christian organization, Healing Haiti. Follow the team’s blog on Healing Haiti’s website.

Team photo – Row 1 L-R: Tim Farrow, Nina Sveinson, Georgina Lorencz, Ceola McClure-Lazo, Cheryl Sanmartin, Nancy Riley-Belton, Christina Plaut | Row 2 L-R: Pam Bookhout, Nadia Lorencz, Kristina Richards, Luann Prin, David Prin, | Not pictured: Margie Schroeder, June Webb-Notermann

READ the book: “On That Day, Everybody Ate” by Margaret Trost, along with the team, to get a flavor for life in Haiti. The book discussion will be held  Sundays at 9:00am in the Gathering Room starting October 8 through November 5.

GIVE for our donation drive! We need donations of these items – there will be a collection basket in the Gathering Room:

Antibiotic Ointment
Laundry Pods
Pancake Syrup
Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags
Gold Bond Powder
Small Adult Diapers
Composition Notebooks
Red/Blue/Black Pens

For more information, contact Kristina Richards
or Cheryl Sanmartin