Haiti Trip, October 30 – November 6

A Park Avenue team is travelling to Haiti October 30 through November 6.  They will stay in Port au Prince and travel 15-45 minutes daily to connect at orphanages, elder care facilities, clinics/hospice, and fresh water delivery ministries in conjunction with a Christian organization, Healing Haiti. Follow the team’s blog on Healing Haiti’s website: https://healinghaiti-team2.blogspot.com/

Team photo – Row 1 L-R: Tim Farrow, Nina Sveinson, Georgina Lorencz, Ceola McClure-Lazo, Cheryl Sanmartin, Nancy Riley-Belton, Christina Plaut | Row 2 L-R: Pam Bookhout, Nadia Lorencz, Kristina Richards, Luann Prin, David Prin, | Not pictured: Margie Schroeder, June Webb-Notermann

PRAY for our Haitian brothers and sisters and the Park Avenue team:

  • That the Word of God would continue to bring joy to the Christ-following community that’s already there, and would bring salvation to those who haven’t yet heard
  • That more Haitian communities will have easy access to low cost medical and dental care and preventative community health education initiatives
  • A new prime minister was installed in March – please pray for him and the government in charge
  • That the work and initiatives of Healing Haiti and others will be sustainable and create better systems for basic life necessities, especially clean water
  • Prayers for the PAUMC Haiti Team
    • That God would unify the team and bless us as a group;
    • That we would each be open to the growth and transformation that God has in store for us now, during the trip, and afterwards
    • That we would all by physically well and safe while on the trip
    • That the donations we bring would bless those who receive
    • That the Lord would be in the midst of all of our relationships there – the Healing Haiti staff, the folks we meet in any of the places we  visit


READ the book: “On That Day, Everybody Ate” by Margaret Trost, along with the team, to get a flavor for life in Haiti. The book discussion will be held  Sundays at 9:00am in the Gathering Room starting October 8 through November 5.

For more information, contact Kristina Richards kristina.richards73@gmail.com
or Cheryl Sanmartin cheryl.sanmartin@gmail.com