Mission In The Spotlight 2015


September – 2015

The mission of Park Avenue Church is to

“Make disciples for Christ for the transformation of the world.”

We, on the Missions team, want to raise awareness in the body that missions is an integral part of our life as Christians – be it in Minneapolis, San Francisco or somewhere else in the world. We work hard to provide opportunities for individuals to ask the questions:

“Where do I fit in with missions?    How is God calling me to use my gifts?   What burden has He put on my heart?”

Opportunities to serve:

We are passionate about missions – local, national, short term, long term, and it is our goal to encourage people to get involved beginning right here in Minneapolis by offering Park Avenue the opportunity to serve in a local outreach ministry. For the past couple years, we have partnered with Simpson Center for Servant Ministries to sponsor a produce fair which provides fresh produce to families in need.   This year, the produce fair will be held on Saturday, September 26. It’s not too late to volunteer. For info, contact the church office.


Come volunteer at this year’s Park Ave sponsored Produce Fair held at Simpson UMC

Sept. 26, 2015

Park Ave Mission Partners:

We strive to keep the church informed and aware of who PAUMC supports in the field of mission work, and what that work involves. We currently support in part 11 mission partners, 9 of whom were or are members of PAMC. Our mission partners serve locally, nationally and internationally. We pray for them and bring their prayer needs before the body. In addition we receive and review applications for both short term and long term mission partners and we administer the mission’s budget. The bulk of our budget goes directly to missionaries as most of them raise their own support.

One exciting part of being on the missions commission is connecting with our partners serving around the world. We are so encouraged to hear about what God is doing through our missionaries and would like to share some of their stories:

Many of our Park Avenue missionaries work in countries or with people groups that are not open to Christianity. Their names and the names of the countries they work in must be kept private. Some work in countries where people can be arrested for proclaiming faith in Jesus. The stories below give a glimpse into the work God is doing around the world – and in our own backyard – through some of our Park Avenue missionaries.

News from our partner in Minneapolis:                                                                                                            

Praise God, when I met with MJ I heard the story of how God had drawn MJ to Himself over the course of six years. Different life events, dreams, and engaging in chat rooms with believers in other countries had led MJ to faith in Christ. Pray that MJ would have sensitivity, clarity, and wisdom in sharing the gospel with his wife. . . Pray that MJ would be firmly rooted in Christ and that he could be the foundation of a movement of the gospel in the [local] Muslim community.

News from our partner in Jordan:

PTEE (Program for Theological Education through Extension) recently started its introductory course on the basics of Christianity–called “The Abundant Life”–in a class of new believers from the Iraqi city of Mosul. They are refugees who are part of an estimated half a million who fled that city after it was overtaken . . . a year ago. . . The teacher for the class said, “We need to encourage many of our tutors to enlarge this ministry among all the Iraqi and Syrian refugees, because they are thirsty to absorb the word of God, and enjoy their new life with Christ,. . . Then when they leave this region to go anywhere else, they can continue in growing and serving others.”

News from our partner in SE Asia:

“Seeing Ben, Nancy and Henry baptized in the ocean! A total of 30 people were baptized and it was such a powerful and awesome reminder of His power to change hearts and lives. As Ben said later, “A few years ago, I could never have imagined that there would be a day like today in my life. But believing in Jesus Christ was the best thing my wife and I have ever done together.”

Missions at Park throughout the year:

Each year, Missions Commission sponsors Sunday morning seminars giving people the chance to hear from some of our mission partners about the exciting ways God is working around the world.

This is a great way to learn  how PAUMC
is spreading the gospel as we support our missionaries.

This summer, we heard from missionaries serving in the US, Mexico, France, and two working in Central Asia about how God is working in the Muslim world,
as well as from our own Park Ave youth who served in San Francisco this summer.

One of our partners will begin using horse therapy as they work with disabled children in Central Asia


This year, we are excited about celebrating missions during the entire month of September.

All month, we will be hearing testimonies of how God is working

“At Home and Abroad.”

We are also co-sponsoring a movie series with one of our own mission partners, Peace and Hope International, on issues dealing with social justice to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month.

 September 19
“Black in Latin America, Mexico and Peru:  The Black Grandma in the Closet”

October 10
“Viva la Causa”

November 7
“Harvest of Empire: The Untold Story of Latinos in America”

Our focus on missions will culminate with our annual

Taste of Park” potluck on Sunday, September 27.   

We love to celebrate our multicultural community and encourage people to

bring a dish from their heritage.

Mark your calendars now and look for more information on how you can participate.


Supporting Missions at Park through financial giving:

Missions Commission is one of the few ministries at Park Ave which exists solely for outreach beyond the walls of our church. The majority of the Mission Commission budget goes directly to supporting missionaries who must raise their own support. A portion of the regular church offering supports missions but this does not cover the total commitments that Park Ave has with our missionaries. Once a year, we have the opportunity to give to missions in a “Special Offering for Missions.” This offering is crucial in helping meet our budget as we join in the work of our partners through our financial support.

Look for Mission envelopes in the pews beginning on September 27.

Want to get involved in with missions at Park Ave?

We are excited to have both project focused supporters, and those committed to join the team on an ongoing basis.

Help Wanted:

  • Updating prayer requests from mission partners (monthly but sometimes urgent needs arise)
  • Help with Mission Sponsored Sunday morning 9:00 hour seminars
  • Help with annual produce fair – volunteer for this one day local ministry opportunity with Simpson
  • Help with various tasks throughout the year
  • Help with our annual Taste of Park potluck
  • Adopt a missionary family – maintain communication directly with one of our missionaries and their children to provide prayer support and develop a new friendship. Many of our missionaries now have children in college around the country. Send emails, letters, birthday cards, etc.
  • Do you have video skills?   We often could use help making short videos.
  • Is God calling you to get involved with missions? We would love to have you join the Missions Commission. We meet monthly throughout the year and plan seminars and other mission related events.

Anyone interested can approach a team member, contact us by email, or contact a church staff member. At times we approach individuals who we sense God is calling.

The mission team email address is: parkave34@gmail.com

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