Worship Service


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Park Avenue United Methodist Church!

Our main Worship Service is at 10:00am every Sunday, which generally lasts for about 90 minutes. For those who like a more intimate worship setting, want to get an earlier start to the day or if the 10:00 service interferes with your schedule, we offer a congregation-led, informal “Early Risers” gathering at 8-9am each Sunday.

Each Sunday we offer a vibrant worship experience filled with exceptional music from a wide variety of genres.  A few times throughout the service, we will invite the congregation to stand or participate in responsive readings.  No one is obligated to fully participate.  We’re just glad you’re here!

There are blue Bibles and red hymnals for you to use in the back of each pew. Yellow prayer cards are also available in the pews … we are a praying church and will lift up any concerns or contact you if requested. The yellow prayer cards can be added to the offering plate when it is passed.

We also pass a second offering basket, which is designated as “Change for Change” – a way for us to donate our small or large pocket change to support one of our many community ministry partners.

We offer Communion on the first Sunday of each month.  Everyone is welcome to fully participate.

If this is your first time visiting, we generally open the service by asking the visitors to raise their hand or stand – don’t be shy! (We don’t ask you to speak or anything else that might make you uncomfortable.) And please stop by our Visitors’ Table in the hallway after service.  We’d love to meet you!  You’re also invited to join us in the Gathering Room for coffee and snacks.