Park Avenue Kids need you!


Maybe you’re thinking, I’m fairly sure that working with children is not for me. Well….let us tell you a story from God’s True Word….

There was a man named Nehemiah. His job was to taste whatever the king was about to drink to make sure it was safe…a cupbearer. Pretty important job! However, God had other plans for Nehemiah. God brought a king’s drink taster into the massive leadership role of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. Nehemiah prayed (Nehemiah 1:4-11)and trusted God throughout the rebuilding process. Even the king was supportive of Nehemiah. Now that’s God at work!

Ar you a ‘Nehemiah’? We’re not asking you to rebuild Jerusalem’s wall. We simply ask you to help share God’s Word with the future generations of Park Avenue UMC. You won’t only be helping to fill children’s souls with God’s truths, you will find that He’s filling your soul too! How many ‘Nehemiah’s’ are in our church?

Opportunities to serve in Children’s Church (10:30-11:30am):

2nd Sundays: 3rd-4th graders (w/Ann Layne)

3rd Sundays:  assist in the 4yr-K room

4th Sundays:  1st-2nd grade (w/Rick Chynoweth)

3rd-4th graders (w/Sara Schulz)

5th graders (w/Joanna Hallstrom)

Opportunities to serve in the Early Childhood Rooms (10:30-11:30 a.m.)

2nd Sundays: 2 volunteers for the Wobbler Room (crawling-2yr)

4th Sundays: 1 volunteer for the Wobbler room (w/ Laura Biggham)

*All lessons and supplies are provided.

To find out more, contact: Carla Urban at: or Patsy Semkoff at:, or for the Early Childhood opportunities, Laura Desruisseaux at: