Breathe Love: A Year Of Compassion

Following the murder of George Floyd, artist Whitney Carlson created a beautiful mural as a way to remember and lament what happened. As you know, some of Mr. Floyd’s last words were, “I can’t breathe!” The mural brings attention to the harsh reality of a society that continues to suffocate the voices of the black and brown community; a society of inequality, inequity, otherization, racialization, and marginalization. All of that is systematically built into our institutional structures – even the church – and it takes our breath away.

The mural also inspires us to imagine living differently. In an “I can’t breathe” world of division, hatred, and injustice, the message of the mural calls us to breathe love.

Over the coming weeks and months, I invite you to imagine. What does it look like to live into the fullness of following our God of compassion who breathes love into us all, who in Christ breaks down the barriers of the dividing wall and reconciles all people to God?

How do we breathe God’s love in and breathe God’s love out, committing ourselves to live animated by the life-giving compassion of God?

How will worshiping together, learning to love and be loved, and engaging justice and healing in our neighborhood and world be shaped as we intentionally breathe love?

Park Avenue is breathing love through our ministries and opportunities under three primary areas:

Worshiping Together
Learning To Love and Be Loved
Engaging Justice and Healing

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