Job Opportunities


Title:  Coordinator of Cornerstone Ministry

Classification:  18 hours per week

Purpose: To coordinate and manage Park Avenue’s commitment to the needs of our community through donated resources, distribution of clothing, hygiene supplies and to coordinate and supervise volunteers.

Spiritual Qualification:  Personal relationship with Jesus Christ as demonstrated through a commitment to Christ’s teachings in both language and actions.

Qualifications: Person who understands and is committed to the mission and vision of the church and is comfortable working with people from all walks of life.  Must have compassion, discernment and be able to respectfully delegate duties to others.  Good organizational skills are required.  The ability to speak Spanish is a plus.

Principle Responsibilities:  Duties include, but are not limited to…

1.     Coordinating all donations, both financial & material.

2.     Arrange for & coordinate pick-ups of donations from local stores.

3.     Recruit, provide training for, and supervise volunteers.

4.     Manage finances & follow proper protocol for deposits and disbursements.

5.     Be aware of resources in community to refer clients to.

6.     Be present each day that Cornerstone is open to clients.

7.     Hold meetings at least quarterly with volunteers to coordinate, collaborate and ensure that Cornerstone is running smoothly and to get feedback.

8.     Serve as primary liaison between Cornerstone Ministry and NOW committee including participating in bi-monthly NOW committee meetings.

Compensation:  Depends on experience.

How to Apply:  Submit cover letter and resumé to  If you have a question about the position, call Cheryl at 612-840-4766