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We are launching a new site specifically for active members.  Here you can find the latest meeting minutes from various committees, as well as up-to-date financial information, church forms, and more!

The Member Site is password protected, so to create your own account and gain access to the site, please follow the steps in one of the below options.  (It might take a few more steps than you’re used to when registering for a website, but we are able to provide this service for free this way.  Thank you for helping us be good stewards of our resources!)

1) If you already have your own WordPress account, make sure you are logged into it, and then CLICK HERE.  Then on the next page, click on “Request Access to view this site.”  After that, send an email to:, letting me know you’ve requested access.  Please include your WordPress username in the email.  You should be approved and have full access within 48 hours.

2) If you DO NOT already have your own WordPress account, CLICK HERE to open a new window and register for one.

Email username or any technical concerns to: