PAUMC Youth Ministry Update, Oct. 18, 2017



Message From Richard Terrell, Youth Minister  

Hello everyone! I am so excited about getting to know each Park Avenue youth and their families. I want to set aside some time to meet and greet each youth and their families. I am open to meet in the comfort of your home, at church, a local coffee shop, or somewhere of your choice.

To schedule our meet and greet, please follow the link and sign up:

I would also, like to attend any youth sport events and/or extra-curricular activities. Please send your sports schedule or list of events that you are involved in to

Thank you and blessings to you, Richard


About Richard Terrell

Richard comes to us with great experience, including serving as a mentor to youth, developing worship and faith-forming opportunities for youth and working directly with students and parents in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools. He grew up in South Minneapolis and is a graduate of Minneapolis North Community High School, holds a B.S. in Communications/Journalism from North Central University in Minneapolis and a MATS (Masters of Arts in Theological Studies) from the University of Northwestern in St. Paul.

Richard is married to Kennitra and they are the proud parents of Zyree.

He enjoys empowering, inspiring, and encouraging young people to use their God-given talents through the Word of God.


Thank You Kris Bjorke, Interim PAUMC Youth Minister

On September 24, we said goodbye to Kris Bjorke. Kris began serving as our interim youth minister this spring and we are grateful for her role in sustaining youth ministry in this intervening period. In addition to tending to our youth, she shared her deep knowledge of youth ministry and facilitated discussions about the future of PAUMC youth ministry. Please join us in thanking Kris and continue to pray for her and the critical work she oversees through InterServe Ministries.